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Homemade Cold Sore Remedies

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coldsorefreeforeverCold sores are painful blisters that break out through your lips, gums and sometimes inside your mouth. It is contagious so that means a big NO on sharing of towels, toothbrushes, drinking cups and utensils. It may take a little more than a week to recover from such a condition. So what are the homemade cold sore remedies?

Garlic can also alleviate the blisters because it has a healing compound as well as antimicrobial components. You can take a few of it and pound gently and apply to the affected area. This may sting a lot but it is worth the pain.

A simple 5-step at-home procedure that I recommend to my patients for getting rid of a cold sore, and that can reduce the duration of an outbreak by up to 75%, is as follows (I must also note at this point that I do recommend that you get some anti-virals such as from your doctor, they will help, but that's up to you):

1. Ice the cold sore once every 2 hours for 10 minutes, this will help reduce the pain and itching significantly, plus it also slows down the replication rate of the virus by slowing its metabolism which, consequently, will lessen the severity of the cold sore by the simple mechanism of reducing the number of virus particles present.

2. Keep the cold sore clean and dry by washing it once every two hours with a damp washcloth and soap, do this right after you ice it. Use a new washcloth each time you do this for sanitary purposes.

3. Apply benzyl alcohol (brand name "Zilactin") to the cold sore with a q-tip each time after you wash it. Isopropyl alcohol may be substituted if you can't find any benzyl alcohol.

4. Lastly, apply some nail polish remover to it with a new q-tip. This will keep the sore very dry and soak up all the fluid it may seep over the next 2 hours until you can wash it again.

5. Start taking L-lysine at a dosage of 1000mg 3 times per day--this is a simple over-the-counter supplement that can be found at your local drug store or GNC (or similar store). Lysine has been proven in multiple scientific studies to help in the treatment and prevention of cold sores

Individuals can also engage home remedies for cold sores in the forms of assurance against the development of such maladies by taking action in the following preventative practices, that include not using the same cups, dishware, glasses, plates, towels or utensils utilized by another individual afflicted with cold sores or fever blisters. Further precautionary measures, in support of home remedies for cold sores, are among such conditions as to avoid oral contact with an individual who is presenting cold sores or fever blisters, as in face-to-face contact or kissing.

Durations of the existence of an outbreak of cold sores and fever blisters can range upwards of from ten to fourteen days. Upon the initial presenting of a cold sore or fever blister, a home remedies for cold sores in such instance is in the application of ice, for periods of five to ten minutes during each hour of the initial outbreak. Such aggressive practice will cease both pain and increased progression. Another approach to a home remedies for cold sores during the early phase, is to apply a compress of a tea bag, at intervals lasting from five to ten minutes every hour. This approach to such method of treatment as a home remedies for cold sores is in the tannic acid within the tea leaves antiviral benefits towards the prevention of increased development.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a terrific homemade cold sore remedy. Cold sores fester when you are overtired or stressed out. Get enough rest, eat properly, get some exercise and fresh air, and keep your emotions in check and your body will be better able to heal itself from cold sores.




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