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Banish Cold Sores
Author: Gary Townsend

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banishcoldsoresThe 'banish cold sores in 3 simple steps' is all about natural remedies and does not include chemicals of any kind. In a sense, that makes it stand out from the rest of the so called miracle methods, as they often include meds of one kind or another. Better yet, the methods listed out here do not include lotions or any expensive treatments, just a few natural remedies that have been effective in handling the 'cold sore episodes'.

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Gary had tried various treatments such as anti-viral prescriptions, special herbs and had even tried altering his diet but none of that could cure cold sores. Gary started spending his time in library, researching every book on cold sores that he could lay his hands upon. Then one day, inspiration struck him and using his trial-and-error method he pioneered his exclusive:

3 Step Cold Sores Cure that KILLS the herpes simplex virus type 1 rather than trying the conventional method of treating the symptoms of cold sores

It took only 3 days for him to completed get rid of cold sores, since then Gary‚s treatment remains the number one most effective treatment for cold sores that has been successfully used by literally thousands of people (Gary wouldn‚t reveal the definite number, but provided me access to the general statistics).

Banish Cold Sores in 3 Simple Steps is a comprehensive guide that will show you how to effectively and permanently fight and eliminate cold sores (Herpes Simplex 1 Virus). This all-natural approach doesn't involve using any medications, lotions or expensive treatments

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Cold sores are something you will not wish to have, they are unsightly and painful. Cold sore is also called fever blisters caused by herpes simplex virus. It will start as a tingling sensation around the nose or lips then becomes red and swollen and later on blisters will appear. Once blisters puff out it becomes watery and dries up after a week. Unfortunately cold sores are not a one time event, it keeps coming back and before it becomes chronic you need to know how to banish cold sores permanently.

The root cause of these hideous and painful blisters is the herpes simplex virus, type 1 or type 2. We all have various viruses in our bodies at any given time. Most, like cold and flu viruses, eventually disappear. This is not true with the herpes virus. This virus will likely stay with you your entire life. Fortunately, the fever blisters and cold sores oral herpes virus is normally latent. Nearly a third of all those infected will never get an outbreak. They will never even know they carry the herpes virus. The other two-thirds of us will get one or more fever blisters per year.

You'd rather not subject yourself to this torture, it would be best not to try these, there are safer remedies which are just as effective if not more so.




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