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Cold Sore Freedom in 3 Days
Author: Grace Melgarejo

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coldsorefreedomin3daysThere are a lot of names that we use to call cold sores ‚До fever blisters, labial herpes, oral herpes, herpes febrilis and herpes labialis. However, while there are many names to this disease, the end result is the same as a painful blister, and a lowered self esteem while we are dealing with these unwanted lesions that attach to the outside of our lips.

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Once infected, the virus remains in the body forever and repeated outbreaks can be triggered by:

As part of Fast Cold Sore Relief‚ the goal of helping you to treat, and rid yourself, of uncomfortable cold sores, we‚ are putting together reviews of popular cold sore treatment products and home remedies.

Something to keep in mind when reading these reviews ‚ is there always the potential that you, and your body, will respond to certain cold sore treatments and remedies differently than the general population does. So, please take these reviews just as they are ‚ reviews, not guaranteed cures for your particular flare up or situation. We are not doctors, and more importantly‚ we are not your doctor‚ the opinions shared in these reviews are honest assessments based on the general online consensus of a particular product, treatment, or cold sore remedy ‚До not medical advice.

The active ingredient is Docosanol (10%). Docosanol is a cold sore treatment. On the back of the box it says that it shortens the healing time and duration of the symptoms (tingling, pain, burning, itching) and boy did it ever! I am totally amazed. An inactive ingredient in the medicine is benzyl alcohol, light mineral oil, propylene glycol, purified water, sucrose distearate, and sucrose stearate.

The directions say that it is for adults and children 12 years or over. Apply to affected area on face or lips at the first sign of cold sore/fever blister. Early treatment ensures the best results. Rub in gently but completely and use up to 5 times a day until healed. I did use it the 5 times as directed and mainly after you eat or drink something. If you use it before eating or drinking it seemed to come off easily. Then you could feel the tingling and burning sensation again. It seemed to numb the lip a little.


Many sufferers are satisfied with Viramedx Relive 1-Day Cold Sore Treatment. Probably the credit should go to benzalkonium chloride.

However, some users find no improvement for cold sores or fever blister after one day.

Just like all topical solutions for cold sores, they will work for some people. Anyway, the product is not expensive. So you ought to give it a try if you are looking for quick relief.

It is safe to use for children since it is free from harmful ingredients. However, if you are taking prescribed medications, just make sure you obtain the clearance from your doctors should you use Cold Sore.

The first sign of a developing cold sore is usually a tingling or itchy sensation and a small bump will develops which then turns into a blister. There is often some inflammation in the area and fluid and or pus may ooze from the blister or blisters. Some people experience flu-like symptoms and fever from a cold sore outbreak. There is usually less discomfort with recurrence of cold sores than with the initial outbreak.




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